California Pondweed


This applicator in Redding, CA had a tangled mess of bladderwort, California pondweed, Chara, coontail and an assortment of algae in a flow-through canal system that feeds rice fields. To clear it up, the applicator used a combination of a copper-based algaecide, diquat, and PondZilla Pro.


Cladophora, Oedogonium, and Zygnema




This pond in a suburb of Chicago was full of Cladophora , Oedogonium, and Zygnema.  They first treated it with Cutrine™* to kill the algae.  This application was followed by MD Pellets, PondZilla Pro, & Oxy Pak XL. *Cutrine is a registered trademark of Applied Biochemist



Hydrilla and Southern Naiad (Bushy Pondweed)


A golf course in Portland, Oregon had a pond covered in Hydrilla and southern naiad, also known as bushy pondweed. Because of Salmon-safe regulations and the use of pond water to irrigate the fairways, applicators were very limited on the amount of chemicals they were able to use. The applicator mixed PondZilla Pro in with a peroxide algaecide, and then followed this treatment up with MD Pellets. This treatment recipe completely restored the beauty of the pond in two weeks, while using fewer harsh chemicals than traditional treatments.



This retention pond, managed by an HOA with numerous ponds, had a persistent layer of Lyngbya that was in danger of costing the HOA their entire water budget. With the help of Natural Lake Biosciences lab testing, we were able to work with the applicators to create the best treatment. In the end, they used Aquasticker mixed with Hydrothol* and were able to finally get rid of the Lyngbya around this pond as seen in the before and after photos above.

*Hydrothol is the property of United Phosphorus



This pond is located near the Gulf Coast of Florida and had a problem with Pithophora. It was first treated with a chelated copper algaecide to kill the alga, and was then followed up with PondZilla Pro and Nature’s Blend to thoroughly degrade the dead matter.

Aquatic Weeds


With four feet of muck, widgeon grass, alligator weed, and torpedo grass, this Florida pond was the neighborhood eyesore.  The applicator used a diquat based aquatic herbicide to kill the aquatic plants and leave the remaining debris.  Following herbicide application, PondZilla Pro and MD Pellets were used to degrade one foot of muck and recycle dead organics. The applicator was amazed and the residents were ecstatic.



Koi produce high levels of ammonia, this causes high nitrites and nitrates, which grows algae and aquatic plants.  Our Koi Pond product reduces levels of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.   This applicator used Koi Pond and Water Column Clarifier to clean up nutrients in this pond.   The homeowner is ecstatic and says, “We can actually see the fish!



This Ohio pond had a hydrodictyon problem and had not looked good in years. With aeration and PondZilla Pro blended with an algaecide/herbicide, along with our Summer Slam and MD Pellets, the applicator cleaned up this pond like never before.

Planktonic Algae


This pond had a planktonic algae problem. We prescribed aeration, PondZilla Pro blended with and algaecide and MD Pellets.



This applicator applied a copper algaecide followed by PondZilla Pro and Water Column Clarifier. He was shocked when he re-visited the pond eight days later and saw the before and after results.

Parrot Feather Milfoil


This pond in Northern Georgia was lined with Parrot Feather that had extended 3-4 feet from the shore line.  This applicator mixed Diquat, Komeen*, Pondzilla D and a surfactant and sprayed it over the plant to get these great results in 3 weeks as seen in the before and after photos above. When we asked that applicator about these results he replied, “The shocking thing to me was that we normally don’t get good decomposition of the root system with foliar spraying.  We normally have to use a 2-4, D granular for that, but the roots were not found.  It took 3 weeks from the time we sprayed for this to clear, that is fast!” *Komeen is a registered trademark of SePRO Corporation



The applicator was amazed with the results he got in seven short day after using a granular copper algaecide followed by PondZilla Pro.

Leaves and Organic Build Up


This pond in Southern Ohio was filled with leaves and organic build up. The applicator treated it with MD Pellets.