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For those companies that truly exemplify all that is Naturalake Biosciences, we’re proud to announce the Naturalake Certified program! This program, launched in 2019, gives you the right to call your company or applicators Naturalake Certified.

Participants in this program will be able to show their customers that they are both educated in and dedicated to the science behind healthy, balanced ponds and lakes. To help you display this, Naturalake Biosciences will provide:

A certificate of your membership in the Naturalake Certified program

Stickers and a car decal* announcing you as Naturalake Certified

*Quantities limited.

A digital media kit with the program’s official seal and language to add to your website and marketing

How do I become Naturalake Certified?

To become Naturalake Certified, you or your company must display a dedication to the science and study behind natural solutions by attending the annual Naturalake University (NLU) conference. This is a free event involving two days of intensive education on water science and pairing traditional approaches with biologicals to improve pond and lake health. You can find out more about Naturalake University and request an invite below.

Contact info@naturalake.com with any questions.

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