MicrobeBooster is an advanced slow-release probiotic designed to stimulate the natural microbial community and support Natural Lake Biosciences’ other probiotic solutions between treatments. Each MicrobeBooster is packed with a proprietary blend of bacterial cultures, proteins, and amino acids that improve the metabolic activity of microorganisms in aquatic ecosystems. MicrobeBooster units aid in improving water quality, removing organic matter, and reducing excess nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. They are surfactant-free, non-toxic, and non-hazardous.

MicrobeBooster was formulated to add an extra laying of protection against adverse events that destabilize lakes and ponds. The slow release of stimulants and bacterial cultures supplement Natural Lake Biosciences’ probiotic solutions and native microbial communities to give aquatic ecosystems and extra boost. MicrobeBooster is more than a simple addition of beneficial bacteria. It is a scientifically formulated probiotic that works in harmony with the microbial communities that play key roles in nitrogen and phosphorus uptake. Real science. Real Results.

Take a break between treatments.

Natural Lake Biosciences aims to develop pioneering biosciences to make safer water and better lives. Our team of scientists at our laboratory in the University of Wisconsin Research Park study microbial communities in aquatic ecosystems and their interactions with algae and aquatic plants. Their work ultimately leads to new innovations that augment existing technologies to make treatments easier and more effective.

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