Past Natural Lake University Events

Formerly famous as the Natural Lake and Pond Symposium, Natural Lake University is an annual two-day event of learning and building community among lake professionals hosted at our laboratory at the University of Wisconsin Research Park. It’s a time to share our knowledge and also for hearing from the people out on the nation’s lakes and ponds every day. Feel free to browse through images from previous Symposiums and find out more about upcoming events.

2020 Natural Lake and Pond Symposiums

2016 & 2017 Natural Lake and Pond Symposiums

Kevin welcoming lake professionals to the Natural Lake and Pond Symposium
Kevin comparing and contrasting algaecides
Deborah detailing the cellular structure of different organisms
Landon talking about our experience with Pithophora control
Landon detailing a case study involving degrading floating tussocks
Landon presenting on the vast diversity of microscopic life in ponds
Deborah demonstrating the function of enzymes
Dr. Jim Graham talking about the growth of cyanobacteria (HABs)
Dr. Linda Graham presenting on HABs and toxicity
Kevin presenting on the effects of chemicals on aquatic biodiversity
Deborah talking about how the bacteria in our products function
Kevin getting to know the Symposium attendees
Getting to know other lake professionals at the meet and greet
Socializing and just a little business talk at the meet and greet
Dan giving tours of the Natural Lake Biosciences lab and research projects

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