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Oxygen Saturation Technology (OST) is a state-of-the-art aeration system. The patent pending design dissolves oxygen gas directly into the water and releases it precisely where it is needed most. The OST’s design eliminates bubbles, which eliminates turbulence, sediment resuspension, and undesirable mixing. These systems can maintain dissolved oxygen (DO) levels as high as 20 mg/L directly over and into the sediments, where oxygen is needed most, providing exceptional water quality not achievable with traditional diffused air/aeration systems.


OST can ensure desired DO concentrations are maintained regardless of water depth or climatic events because oxygen is generated directly on-site and qualitatively added to the water. Because of this, OST is the only aeration method that can guarantee a lake will never have an oxygen related fish kill.

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Water quality problems such as muck buildup, harmful algal blooms (HABs), fecal coliform, and odors all have one thing in common, a dissolved oxygen (DO) deficiency referred to as anoxia. Sediment oxygen demand (SOD), from accumulated sediments, is the primary source of oxygen loss and subsequently anoxia in lakes and ponds. Anoxic Sediments are also the source of many water quality issues; muck accumulation from organic deposition greater than the rate of decomposition, results in the release of metals, such as iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) nutrients like phosphorus which fuel algae growth, and malodors from hydrogen sulfide formation.

Water quality management strategies related to these common problems all focus on adding oxygen. OST is designed to exceed oxygen demands by dissolving oxygen directly into water via gas dissolution chambers.

OST is designed to dissolve all the oxygen generated from an on-shore compressor into water; therefore, eliminating and preventing the release of any bubbles. Bubbles rising through the water column induce mixing. Mixing in turn creates turbulence, which can exacerbate oxygen demands, resuspend sediments, and deteriorate water quality and clarity.

This highly efficient technology allows for a precise concentration of oxygen to be maintained continuously because it is automated to turn OFF or ON depending on in-lake oxygen levels. OST blankets the area of accumulated sediments often programmed/automated to maintain DO concentrations as high as 15-20 mg/L. High concentrations of oxygen provide exceptional water quality, not achievable with any other conventional aeration system in the market.

OST is a state-of-the-art technology designed to automatically treat the target problem areas directly when they need it most resulting in substanstial cost savings. Additionally, there is increased cost savings from less need of other surface applied products such as algicides.

Oxygen Saturation Technology Device Scaling *Based on 1ft Depth

Apply diluted with water and repeat as needed

Water Body Size (Surface Area) Device Scale
10 kg/d O2 add capacity OST
20 kg/d add capacity OST Pro
>60 kg/day O2 Call for info on custom built systems
  • Oxygen Saturation Technology is a modular system that can be custom scaled to fit any size water body
  • 220 volts with 30 amp service per system required

Key Benefits & Highlights

  • Dramatically increases oxygen concentrations (>80% saturation)
  • Does not disturb sediments or cause unnatural mixing
  • Automated runtimes save electrical costs
  • Targets issues at the source
  • Reduces muck and eliminates HABs
  • Preserves thermal stratification
  • Submerged to minimize footprint and decrease noise

Uses & Applications, Including but Not Limited To:

  • Lakes and ponds
  • Aquaculture
  • Drinking reservoirs
  • Stormwater ponds
  • Sediment reduction
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Saltwater
  • HAB Management
  • Manganese control
  • Agriculture
  • Canals
  • pH control
  • Ozonation
  • Cold water fisheries
  • Fish Kills
  • Fecal coliform
  • Odors
  • Iron staining
  • And more!

2 reviews for Natural Flo2

  1. Eli Kersh, CLM

    LakeTech, Inc. installed an OST at a private estate in California in early 2023 and within hours the dissolved oxygen level in the bottom of the lake tripled without effecting the temperature! The installation was simple and the team at Naturalake were professional, friendly and helpful throughout the process. We will be installing many more of these systems in the years to come.

  2. Eli Kersh

    We installed this system in the Spring of 2023 in a lake that had a real-time water quality monitoring system measuring dissolved oxygen (DO) and water temperature at the surface and the bottom (20 feet deep). We saw the DO increase from 5 ppm to 15 ppm at the bottom of the lake within 8 hours. The temperature in the lake remained unchanged. After several months of operation we are still seeing DO in the bottom around 15ppm and it is higher than the DO at the surface, all while maintaining thermal stratification!

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